Lakewood Park Property Owners' Association, Inc. 
7508 Jennings Way
Fort Pierce, FL 34951
Phone: 772-464-9377
Fax: 772-464-9301

Office email: [email protected]

Office hours: 9 am - 1 pm Monday through Friday
*Please call to confirm that the office is open before your visit.

*Under no circumstances will harassment and verbal attacks, vulgarity and intimidation be tolerated in the office. We have had several bad experiences in the past months with phone calls, messages, emails, and direct contact in the office that have resulted in the resignation of our Secretary/Bookkeeper. The last incident resulted in a call to 911 for assistance. This unbelievably aggressive behavior from Association members can result in fines and expulsion from the Association (By-Laws Article X1V) and result in law enforcement reports filed.
As owners in the Association we are responsible for our treatment of Association Employees.
Employee Harassment is a serious charge.

Please be respectful. How would you feel if your wife, or mother, was treated this way?

*In an effort to secure private property owners' personal information, you may not share, copy, or publish property owners' information from any secured page, for any reason. Access can be restricted.

Please register for approval to log in as a POA member. (top right corner)
*As a property owner, you will be able to access and view secured Association documents.

Lakewood Park Village Hall is located directly east of the Lakewood Park Public Library.

Our Board of Directors meetings are usually held at the Village Hall on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. 
Social Meet and Greet at 6:00 pm
The Board of Directors will meet at 7:00 pm. 
*This is an open meeting, Association members are encouraged to attend and observe the business on the AGENDA.

For more information please contact the office.