Our office is located at the Village Hall
7508 Jennings Way
Fort Pierce, FL 34951
Phone: 772-464-9377
Fax: 772-464-9301
POA Email: [email protected]
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Office hours are 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday
*Please call to confirm that the office is open before your visit.

Village Hall Rental:
Private Events, Meetings, and Activities in the Village Hall may be scheduled at the office.
We remain committed to adhering to Covid19 recommendations and guidelines.
Due to current ongoing Covid19 concerns, we urge you to stay informed and aware of alerts, all recommended guidelines, and public health precautions. We strongly urge you to take precautions when planning your event at the Village Hall.

Applications for Board of Directors are being accepted. Appointments to the Board are for a term of two years.
See Classified for more information, see application in Forms & Documents.


See information on current POA
Job Openings on the Classified page.

Citizens on Patrol are needed in our community. 
Can you Volunteer?

Lock your cars... do not leave valuables unsecured. We are experiencing reports of theft of property, Our law enforcement officers are aware of this. An officer usually presents our local statistics at our Board of Directors Meetings. 

Unauthorized use on Association property:
The Posted Private common areas of Lakewood Park are being damaged by motorcycles and ATV's, these areas are not open to recreational motorized vehicles. The Sheriff has been notified and a report issued. If you or a member of your family is operating a motorcycle or ATV, be aware that this activity will be reported to 911 as Trespassing. 
Anyone observing this type of activity on the common areas, lake access or around the lakes, are asked to call 911 to make a report. Provide a description of the vehicle and driver, if possible take a picture to assist in making an identification. 

*In an effort to secure private property owners' personal information, members may not share, copy, or publish property owners' information from any secured page, for any reason. Access can be restricted.

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