About Lakewood Park POA


1. What we are.

Lakewood Park is a community of approximately 4,000 residentially-zoned properties located in the northern end of Fort Pierce, Florida, and occupying the westernmost part of the Lakewood Park Census Designated area. 

The community is self administered and maintained by the Lakewood Park Property Owners' Association, Inc. by volunteer members on our Board of Directors. 

Some of the properties in Lakewood Park, Bel Aire Estates, Oakland Lake Estates, and Sampson Development, are not part of the Association.

2. What we do.

The Lakewood Park Property Owners' Association, Inc. cares for the entrances and common areas of Lakewood Park including two large green areas, 25 lakes and the park access area to our private lakes.
(St. Lucie County maintains the canals and the front swale area of undeveloped lots).
Click here to view lake maps.  

The Association also maintains the Village Hall, where our business office is located.
The Hall is a Rental venue for private events. It is a large meeting hall on the south side of Lakewood Park. Our POA Board of Directors meetings and our Annual POA Membership Meeting are held there.
The Property Owners Association does not receive any Federal, State, or County funding for required maintenance of our private land or lake properties. We are self funded by members of the Property Owners Association. 


3. Who we are.

We are a NOT for profit corporation owned by the members of the association. Everyone who owns any property,  described on your property title as Lakewood Park, is entitled to membership. Membership is not required and there is no membership fee. We do, however, ask that all property owners pay a minimal annual maintenance fee to insure adequate funding is available to maintain the best possible standard of care for the 125+ acres of lakes and land and all other assets of the Lakewood Park Property Owners Association, Inc.  The upkeep includes, but is not limited to, liability insurance which protects owners from personal liability should an accident occur on any properties owned by the association. We encourage you to stay a member, volunteer on a committee, or apply for a seat on the Board of Directors to help manage the business of the Association.  

If you are interested in participating on an Association committee, please call, visit or email the Association office. You can also apply for a seat on the board of directors by filling out this downloadable application form and returning it to the Association office. Your knowledge and experience can be a valuable asset for a future position on the Board of Directors.

4. When we meet.

The Board of Directors meet every third Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the Lakewood Park Village Hall to discuss association business. The doors are usually opened just before 7pm so attendees can sign in and pick up materials. Members are notified of upcoming meetings by signs posted at the entrances to Lakewood Park and an announcement in the Calendar page including a meeting agenda, if available.

At most meetings, a deputy from the sheriff's department gives a report and answers questions from the audience. Occasionally, guest speakers give presentations on topics of community interest. 
All residents in the area are encouraged to attend these meetings or access the website regularly to stay informed.

The Annual Membership Meeting is in November.

Approved meeting minutes and approved financials and other reports are available in the office and on this website for members of the Lakewood Park Property Owners' Association, Inc. only.  Register to gain access.  You will be granted access to the Member's pages as soon as the webmaster can verify your information.

5. What we have agreed to.

Please note that Association Members have agreed to abide by the By-Laws of the Association and pay a minimal maintenance fee. Invoices are sent annually to the property owners address we have on file.
If you haven't received an annual invoice please contact the office to update your mailing address. The annual Property Owners' Maintenance fee is due 90 days after receipt of invoice.