About Village Hall and Properties

The Lakewood Park Village Hall is available to rent for social gatherings, meetings, and group events.  
The Lease Agreement, Rental Rates and Policies are available online or at the Association office. 
Please view the Calendar for available dates and call the Association office to schedule your event or to do a walk through of the facility. 

The Village Hall is located at 7508 Jennings Way, Fort Pierce FL 34951, Phone: 772-464-9377
Office hours are Tues. thru Thurs. 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 
The Village Hall windows on the east side look out onto nearby Lake Phillip.

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Our Association maintenance crew is responsible for upkeep and maintenance in and around the Village Hall. Rental customers are responsible to insure the Hall is kept the way it is rented.

Ongoing maintenance on our common areas is scheduled regularly throughout the month to mow and remove debris as needed. We appreciate property owners who continue to care for the area between their property and the waters edge. Thank you for your efforts. 
Please be respectful of the land and lake areas, Littering is not acceptable and we ask that you carry your trash with you when you leave.
Be respectful of your neighbors property when walking your dog or enjoying the lakesides. Utilize the lake access areas, private owned properties are not appropriate access points.

Vehicles, including motorized recreational, are not permitted on the grassy access areas or in our lakes.
(except maintaining water quality, sampling, testing, and necessary maintenance)

Many thanks to our neighbors who are working to pick up the litter that is often thrown from cars, or left behind by others. Every litter bit hurts. We are grateful for those who volunteer to help keep Lakewood Park a nice community to live in. 
We appreciate your cooperation to keep our neighborhood free of litter.

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